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Add an instant 5kW of power with our universal Harrop Performance Windscreen Banner!

Made with premium vinyl, our windscreen banners are now available with HARROP PERFORMANCE text in Red, White and Silver with 2 piece design for tailored fitment .

Note - Trimming of black backing is required once applied to windscreen. 


  • Ensure your windscreen has been thoroughly cleaned with Glass Cleaner. Note - Your windscreen must be cool to touch and out of direct sunlight.
  • Place the black backing at the top of your windscreen, two people is recommended to keep tension on each side. Position the vinyl in centre of windscreen and press the air out towards one area. Use a card with a microfiber cloth around it to slowly smooth over vinyl.
  • Use a blade and lightly cut around the excess vinyl
  • Mark the centre point with masking tape on your black vinyl backing. Then mark the centre point on your HARROP PERFORMANCE overlay sticker. Take your time in placing the overlay sticker on the black backing.